Real Estate Transaction Coordinators

Transaction Coordinator & The Closing Process

Closings 4 You is an official Transaction Coordinator service serving Naples, Tampa, Orlando, Marco Island and Bonita Springs areas in Southwest Florida. Offering expertise in the closing process of real estate, it allows our clients to focus on what they’re really good at – buying and selling homes in paradise.

We work with real estate agents all across Florida to ensure they provide the best client service possible.

Below are the general steps in closing a real estate deal. Work with Closings 4 You to ensure all deadlines are met, guidelines are followed and proper documents are completed and filed.

The closing process occurs when the client signs the papers to make the house theirs. Both magical and stressful, a long list of things must be completed to complete the transaction.

  1. Open escrow – the account is held by a third party on behalf of the two principal parties in a transaction. This is the best way to prevent the seller or buyer from being “ripped off.”
  2. Title search and obtain title insurance – this piece provides a piece of mind and is a legal safeguard to that when a property is purchased, no one else can claim it as their later.
  3. Find a real estate attorney – along with a real estate agent, a real estate attorney will give you a professional legal opinion on the closing documents. This portion is optional, but many people opt to have an attorney.
  4. Mortgage pre-approval – once being pre-approved for a mortgage, it gives the buyer more bargaining power when negotiating as well as a rate lock.
  5. Negotiate closings costs – working with your real estate agent, closing costs can be lowered by checking out administrative fees, application review fees, appraisal review fees, email fees, processing, and settlement fees, etc.
  6. Home and pest inspection – typically, your real estate agent will have a referral relationship with a reliable home and/or inspector, just be sure to find someone you trust and that is within your budget (this is a variable factor that can change “cost to close”).
  7. Contingencies – once the purchase offer is drawn, be sure there are important contingencies such as a locked interest rate, clear home inspection, no non-disclosure of any known problems with the home, clear pest inspection, and the seller completing any agreed-upon repairs.
  8. Funding escrow
  9. Final walkthrough
  10. Sign the papers

Within all of this, in Florida, Homeowner’s Associations are quite popular, especially in the higher-end communities. Closings 4 You assists the real estate agent in any matter that effects closing, such as due dates for inspections, contract agreement deadlines, association documents, etc.

As a resource to all real estate agents as well as a peace of mind for their clients, Closings 4 You is a vital piece of the real estate closing process.