Real Estate Transaction Coordinators

5 Techniques for Effective Communication in Real Estate

Working as Transaction Coordinators, we see great communicators and not-so-great communicators. Here are some great tips to overcoming possibly the toughest challenge in real estate.. communication.

    1. Rehearse your scripts and dialogs – after all, we are sales professionals. There are statistics that show effective communicators make better sales people. It’s important not to sound canned, but planned. Rehearse your scripts and dialogs until it’s second nature. Record yourself to understand how you look and sound when delivering your message. Role playing is important when practicing your dialog – work with office partners for 10-15 minutes a day and you’ll notice a difference!
    2. Be sure to have the right attitude and try to make a difference vs. make a sale. Communication is a transference of energy between people, so your clients and others you work with will know if you’re the real deal.
    3. Speaking with Authority will truly make an impact on how others view you. Upswing in your voice will make your clients feel doubt and skepticism, and downswing will allow them to feel certainty, trust and care.
    4. When asking questions, be sure to create a deeper connection with your clients by asking questions, but letting them answer. Containment and really listening will go a long way. People know when you’re tuned in or out! Repeat their answers and approve their response with positive feedback.
    5. Bring the energy! Passion will always trump any lack of sales skills. As a real estate agent, your best interest is in lead conversion and setting appointments. Great communication is KEY to being a great sales person. Gain your clients trust and you will not only have a positive experience working with them, but their referrals!

Happy house hunting! Be sure to call Closings 4 You for all of your Transaction Coordinator needs.