Real Estate Transaction Coordinators

When you know it’s time to hire Closings 4 You

Are you a real estate agent who feels like they’re drowning in paperwork, but really just want to sell more homes? That might be the first clue that you need a Transaction Coordinator.

For upcoming closings, it’s important to have a checklist to ensure all aspects of the transaction will run smoothly. Most times, real estate agents have more than one transaction and are balancing prospecting, client management and Closings, so it’s important to be on top of every detail and deadline. In real estate, it’s important not to lose the personal touch and to make each client feel that they are number one and that you have an intimate grasp of all the details of their home sale or purchase. Many duties that a Transaction Coordinator hold are time consuming. Even if the task is not too difficult, handling high volume as well as ensuring accuracy creates a job in itself.

A few questions to ask yourself before hiring Closings 4 You as your Transaction Coordinator:

  • Do you find yourself not having enough time to call your clients or attorneys to ensure all steps are occurring on their end?
  • Are you reviewing real estate contracts late at night without the necessary focus to verify that all required signatures and initials are on the contract and addenda?
  • Do you find it time consuming to fill out commission disbursement forms, open file with the escrow or title company, open and update the title search?
  • Do you create a summary sheet containing all parties’ contact information, property address, and property photo?
  • Create and manager the transaction management file with secure access for agents and clients to monitor the transaction?
  • Follow up with the escrow company, attorneys, lender and other agents as needed – keeping all informed of those communications?
  • Send weekly e-mail summarizing the status of the transaction and advising agents of upcoming deadlines?
  • Take care of any and all HOA applications or “hoops” to jump through for your clients?I

If you realize that you may not be coordinating your real estate transaction process the best that you can be, let Closings 4 You help! Give us a call and we’ll offer you reasonable fees for high-quality service and help give you time to put yourself in front of more customers and prospects and ultimately Close more homes!